Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Emerging Role of Social Employee Apps, Free Force.com White Paper

The Emerging Role of Social Employee Apps, Free Force.com White Paper

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"The Emerging Role of Social Employee Apps"
This white paper will examine how to unlock all the rich data trapped within your SAP back office and share it with your employees.
IT departments are struggling to adapt to new economic realities and a rapidly changing technology environment that includes fundamental shifts in mobile, social, and cloud computing technologies.

The lingering effects of the downturn marked by flat-to-negative IT budgets are forcing IT departments to reassess and more accurately measure the real business value delivered by both existing and future IT investments. No system or project is out of scope as IT looks for any opportunity to squeeze additional productivity from an aging portfolio and map it to a more demanding and collaborative business environment. In this new world, defined by agile processes and mobile workforces, IT is looking into this to transform without the expense of replacing or expanding the current systems infrastructure. Instead of replacing core operational systems, many IT departments are defining and creating a new applications layer based on the UI and collaborative concepts learned from modern social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. 
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